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Hypnobirthing a tale of two halves… 

With Dans Mum being a midwife I was well aware of hypnobirthing before we were even expecting so it seemed natural once we were to dig a little deeper & we quickly decided we wanted to give it a go.  Living in Macc our nearest courses were in Aldery Edge & Wilmslow and we're seriously… Continue reading Hypnobirthing a tale of two halves… 

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Guess what… we had a baby! 

Yay... (ok so this was enevitable!) but WE HAD A BABY!  Our beautiful baby boy was born into the world on the 28th @ 3.08 weighing a dinky 6lb 6oz with a shocking amount of BLONDE hair.  My birthing plan may aswell have been put through the shredder the moment we arrived and even with… Continue reading Guess what… we had a baby!