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Express Yourself… 

A while ago I posted about breast feeding, saying I thought I would bottle feed but never say never. Well 4 weeks after Noah’s birth I thought it would be a good time to revisit the subject. 

In the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy I had a complete change of heart and was determined to breast feed my baby. I don’t know at what point my mind changed but I remember coming to the realisation that for 9 months I had carried this baby, my body supporting and nourishing this human inside me that had evolved from one cell into a whole person who was tucked up snuggled in my pelvis, so why wouldn’t I want to carry it on by giving the customised food my body was producing for him?

During my labour I was fairly drugged up (eyes rolling back in my head out of it!) But god love Dan he upheld my wishes and even when I was semi conscious numb from the waist down in recovery he advocated my wish and little Noah was put to my breast however he wasn’t interested and I wasn’t really helping the situation! 

Noah ended up having formula for the first two days and I really thought my breat feeding ambition was over… then I saw another lady on the ward. Tad dah… we had a new plan. 

After speaking with one of the midwives we were provided with a hospital grade breast pump – this one… 

Image from Google

I only pumper from one side at a time but here my journey as an expressing Mama began. Now I was fairly lucky, I’d been “leaking” before baby even arrived and when I hooked up to the machine I was able to produce milk (or colostrum at this point) more or less straight away. 

Very proud (& weird) moment taking photos of my breast milk… but if that was the way my boy was going to get the best then so be it!As we had a 5 night stay in hospital I really made the most of the “professional” pump, trying my best to pump every 3-4 hours to establish a supply. The milk was stored in a fridge so I was able to get a little stock on the go. 

When home time rolled around there was this sudden panic that I wasn’t going to be taking this magical machine home and this brought it home to me how keen I was to carry on expressing… I hadn’t really thought about this, I was so wrapped up in being at hospital. 

I knew I needed a decent pump so a quick Google search lead me to the Medela Swing, costing £139.99. However I was being discharged in a matter of hours so Gumtree saved the day, Dans Mum trekked to pick it up & Dan met her on Tesco car park… I really am lucky to have such an awesome family who could see how much it meant to me. The pump came boxed with all the accessories in excellent condition and cost us £50. I used the “giving” set I had used at the hospital (the funnel type bit that sucks on your boob & the tubes) & to be honest I’ve not even given any of the other bits a look. 

The pump itself I feel is fairly compact, and can be used on the mains or with batteries. I can honestly say it is every bit as good as the hospital one. 

It has 2 pumping functions, one shorter one to stimulate the milk production, then a longer one to draw down the milk as if the baby is doing it itself, the plus and minus are for adding or taking away pressure. 

Now I’m at home I’m expressing between 4-5 times in a 24hr window and we are supplementing Noah with SMA formula, each time I’m collecting between 5-7 ounces which has allowed me to get a good supply in the freezer- at last count 5 litres!!! 

Oh and it’s worth noting I’ve tried a few freezer storage bags and These are by far the best. 

H x 


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