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What’s in a name??? 

So our little love was born into the world at the end of March & at the end of my pregnancy we had settled on the name Hugo for a boy (but OBVIOUSLY it didn’t matter as we were DEFINITELY having a girl 🙄) ha! 

When our blonde bombshell was snuggled in his hospital cot there was one thing we both said very quickly… he didn’t look like a Hugo 😐 but we didn’t know what name would suit him. In fact at one point (I’m blaming the drugs!) I actually pleaded with Dan to call him Howard. Thank god he said no. What was I thinking? 

We literally ruled out every name in the book, from lists of “popular” to “unusual” and at one point we evened Googled “famous anglers” due to Dans passion fishing. Nothing. Nada. 

Two weeks rolled by and our parents were starting to loose patience, let alone the folk of Facebook 😫 The problem lay with the fact that we didn’t want anything popular, I wanted quirky & Dan wanted traditional. We weren’t getting anywhere fast. 

Easter Sunday we decided to put our heads together and pick something… so drumroll please… our precious little sausage is called… Noah Clive Thornton. Clive is my Dads name & I would have loved for it to be his first name however Dan wasn’t so keen, compromise is key.

I so love his name, it suits him down the ground. 

But here’s a few names we considered… 

My list…

  • Jude – I adore this. 
  • Finn – Dan kinda liked this. 
  • Clive – my Dads name. 
  • Bowie – after the late great. 
  • Bohdi – just makes me think of a happy guy who lives by the beach. 
  • Brodie – love this but the meaning is “Ditch”.

Dans list… 

  • Freddie – If he mentioned this once 🙄.
  • Dan – Obvious.
  • Harry 
  • Alfie… you get where I’m going right? 

Now I know Noah’s on the top 10 list, but I adore it, it suits our boy perfectly & im just hoping there isn’t another 4 in his school class. 

Most importantly everyone loves it (or so they say 😝) & my Dad (& me!) are beyond made up with his middle name!

How long did it take you to name your little one? 

H x 


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