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Hypnobirthing a tale of two halves… 

With Dans Mum being a midwife I was well aware of hypnobirthing before we were even expecting so it seemed natural once we were to dig a little deeper & we quickly decided we wanted to give it a go. 

Living in Macc our nearest courses were in Aldery Edge & Wilmslow and we’re seriously pricey (£295-£350) but once again having a midwife for a mother in law saved our bacon (& Dans wallet!) & we promptly signed up to the classes attached to her hospital (Oldham) for around £50. 

The course we did was called “KG Hypnobirthing”. To put it into a sentence it basically “de medicalised” labour & birth, making you realise it’s really not an emergency from the off. Broke down into 4 classes, we covered all aspects of labour, the process, understanding our bodies, coping with pain, breathing excercises, meditation & of course the benefits of a calm (& even drug free!) labour/birth for mum & baby. 

Week one… I was not sold. I came away feeling overwhelmed & terrified, spent most of the night crying. Dan however loved it, so alas I agreed to go back. 

Week two… better, less scary, class one had been more about the physical side of labour but class two was definitely concentrating on the power of your mind (I’m a big believer in all this so we were instantly off on a better footing.) 

Week 3 & 4 were rolled into one & I came away buzzing. I got it. I was going to smash labour. Something just clicked, we proceeded home armed with our book & CD practicing daily even finding further meditations/affirmations on YouTube & trying to get to grips with the breathing technique. 

Here are the ones we found best – the lady has a British accent, we found some of the American ones a bit “out there”…

Now, I can’t say I had a hypnobirth as such, however I can honestly say I’d recommend hypnobirthing to ANYONE, it kept me calm in the run up to the birth and gave me something to concentrate on. I also felt it gave Dan a purpose, it’s something he could get involved in & helped his get his head round the process. 
We planned a drug free water birth at our local hospital & in all honesty we got the complete opposite & ended up with an emergency section but I’m not going into detail as I simply don’t believe in telling scary birth stories…. all I will say is it was no where near as bad (having a section) as I thought it would be & I feel like I have aced the recovery 10 days later and I’m up and about doing house work, caring for baby and enjoying my lovely new family. 

Hypnobirthing what do you have to loose? Would you try any other alternative therapy to get through labour? Or is it epidural all the way? 

H x 


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