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The Day The Stretch Mark Cream Gave Up…

Now if your looking for one of those “I’m a tiger who earned her stripes” kinda posts accompanied by a picture of a either heavily pregnant or post birth deflated tum then swiftly turn your tush around because this post is not that. 

This post is about how I personally really feel about the little purple zig zagged map that has gradually etchedits way across my body. Yes is a sure fire reminder of my journey into mother hood but it’s the one thing I didn’t want… heartburn – sign me up… hair loss – cracking… break outs – pass the concealer, but stretch marks NO. 

Before this now watermelon 🍉 sizes human grew inside my body (yeah it’s all cute comparing it to fruit in the beginning “oh it’s a raspberry” next thing you know your stood in Aldi looking at a melon trying not to think about your nunnie!) any way I digress… before being with child I wasn’t a overly huge fan of my own body, constantly talking of diets whilst eating 19 cornflake cakes for breakfast… I’ve not been “happy” with my figure for years, in fact the last time I was content with my figure I was stressed out to high hell with my life and working out with a PT – so content with my figure? Yes, happy in general – NO… 

This was then… September 2014 


And this is now… 

Alright I give my due I have literally just had a baby but look at the difference… I’m so happy right now I could get stretch marks every where and I would not care… yes, there ugly, yes I wish I didn’t have them, and dear god I’m still oiling morning noon & night to try and help but they are there now, and when I look at this tiny human all of the worrying I did about “me” during my pregnancy pails into insignificance. 

There’s so much pressure through the media these days too look exactly how you did before (if not better) within a week or 10 days… it’s not realistic! I was googling and pinning post baby diets before he even arrived – what a sad state of affairs. I loved Rebecca Vardys recent interview showing off her body and her baby and she’s had 4 kids!  Photo sourced from Google 

So embrace your body, pre, post baby and everywhere in between – oh shit… this has turned into one of “those” posts ha

I do really think the oiling has helped the appearance, I’ve used…
•Palmas stretch mark cream                • Palmas oil (not a pregnancy one)         •Nspa stretch mark oil (came in a set)                                                                               •Nspa tummy butter (same set!)         •Bio oil (obviously!).                                       •LJ Natural pregnancy oil        

And a couple others So you can’t say I didn’t try! The best for me was the Nspa pregnancy oil, it smelled lovely and sunk in quickly, I think my sister got the gift set from Boots. I also really rate the LJ Natural in the bath for a deep moisture fix and aromatherapy hit all in one go (you can find LJ Natural on Facebook) I also had a obsession with iced water with lemon 🍋 so I think keeping hydrated helps. 

I’m trying my best to practice what I preach here but at least I can say I tried to prevent them as best I could do maybe I was destine to have a few.

How do you / did you feel about your post pregnancy body? And hey if there is a wonder cream out there just let me know! 

H x 


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