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Guess what… we had a baby! 

Yay… (ok so this was enevitable!) but WE HAD A BABY! 

Our beautiful baby boy was born into the world on the 28th @ 3.08 weighing a dinky 6lb 6oz with a shocking amount of BLONDE hair. 

My birthing plan may aswell have been put through the shredder the moment we arrived and even with a dramatic emergency section with the cord wrapped round my little mites neck twice I’d do it all again in a heartbeat for him – I have truly been gifted a new kind of love. 

We planned a hypnobirth which I won’t lie, didn’t go to plan but I would still recommend it to anyone… but I’ll save it for another post. 

Our little love was 2 days over due and my waters broke at home, Dan dashed back from work and we headed to the hospital totally expecting to be sent home… well that didn’t happen. We left 5 days later after both being treated for infections, and seriously I have been flying high ever since… only problem being that this little boy still doesn’t have a name? We have literally been through every option, we originally loved Hugo but he just doesn’t look like a Hugo, we like Noah but it’s super popular… I like Clive (my dads name) Dan is keen on Freddie… we’re still no closer! I’ll keep you posted! 

So here it begins my journey into the life of Moma… buckle up it’s sure to be one hell of a ride! 

H x


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