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Bright crochet creation ❤

Just thought I’d share with you a little crochet creation. 

I have a bit of a thing for odd yarn projects, using stuff up. 

I crochet and knit along with when I can be bothered I’ll set up my sewing machine and do some of that too! 

Not knowing the gender of the baby has made it a little harder to make things, sticking to neutral colours & rapidly getting bored of white, cream & lemon. So rainbow it is! 

I’m really pleased with the navy boarder I think it finishes it off nicely. 

I’ve not followed a pattern as such I have this amazing book purchased through Amazon, “200 Crochet Stitches” 

It has written explanations with easy to follow diagrams, I’d highly recommend it! 

So I chose a pattern from this book and just worked it. 
It’s probably 80cm square so a nice size to tuck in round the car seat! Chances are this will be the thing that my child gets ridiculously attached too and it will end up in tatters 😂

Any project that uses my favourite yarn is always going to be a win. Rico Creative Cotton Aran has been my fave for a while, with a huge range of delicious shades and reasonably priced at around £1.79 for 50g I adore it! I get mine from Black Sheep Wools 👌🏻 

I’ll share some more baby makes soon. 

H x 


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