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Offending just about everyone…

This post is a little less tongue in cheek & a little more serious… bare with me. 

So with less than 6 weeks to go (in theory) until our world is turned inside out with the arrival of our little love, we are understandably not the only ones who are excited to meet our new family member & prepare. However I think I can officially confirm that being a fairly independent person anyway that being pregnant has made me officially unsociable. 

Firstly I am super grateful beyond belief for everyone’s kindness & generousity regarding getting everything in order (let me tell you it requires ALOT of stuff!) 

Family can be pretty full on… and with the labour & birth approaching ever closer I’m frequently asked “Who am I having with me?” My answer – Dan. That’s it. I don’t want any buggar else there viewing the miracle of birth from my VAGINA. 

People are genuinely taken a back by this, seen as Dans Mum is a midwife (which has been a godsend for stupid questions throughout!) & to put it bluntly me & my Mum just don’t have that relationship. 

So the next thing is folk starts telling ME when they are coming to the hospital etc etc. Sorry sweet pea no can do. Think I’m a bitch I’m not concerned really, after spending several hours or a couple of days expelling a human from my body that only has 2 escape routes (tiny whole vs major surgery) this is OUR time, as a three. Getting to know this little person, name it, dress it, smell it & marvel at it. 

Those hours and days after birth WE will be getting acquainted with our baby. It’s golden time, we appreciate your enthusiasm however it’s unlikely we will take this journey again. So please bare with us, don’t make shitty remarks about waiting, because it won’t make an ounce of difference to my plan. You can come when WE are home & WE are ready. 

Speaking with other mamas one of the things regarding the time after birth that’s regularly mentioned is “feeling overwhelmed with visitors” & they wish they’d said no & stood their ground. It just confirmed that we are doing the right thing. There have been several narky remarks from different sources but I’ve just explained (again!) why we are choosing this path. 

This way isn’t for everyone & many women need and enjoy the extra support during labour & the first few hours but for me it’s a no, it’s a no that’s been met with resistance but I’m happy that everyone is aware of my plans (in advance – I think this is key, so no one is upset on the day) but whatever you want stick to your guns. This is YOUR birth, YOUR labour, YOUR baby, YOUR body so ultimately YOUR decision… even if it does involve offending just about everyone!!! 

H x 


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