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Pregnancy Reveal… 

Everyone is so different on this one that I thought it would be a mention.  

I personally found revealing my pregnancy to the outside world really hard, even though our baby is much loved, planned and wanted for. I absolutely LOVED being inside the bubble that was me, Dan & our baby without other people involved. So it even surprises me I want to write a blog and share my experiences with anyone who may stumble across it. 

So we found out I was expecting pretty much as soon as humanly possible, with THE faintest little line… and I won’t lie we thought it may have taken a little longer than it did & my first thought was “Oh My God, Were going to Ibiza and Dan doesn’t know!” 

We had 14 amazing weeks cocooned in our bubble due to the fact we were going to Creamfields (yep a year in from when we met!) and I had to drop the Ibiza bomb, needless to say Dans face was priceless. We decided to still go & make the best of it just with no alcohol for me, and you know what I had a great time, we just didn’t want parents worried! 

So the big reveal, we got it all out of the way over 2 weekends telling Dans Mum, then I didn’t know my Dad and Sue were off to Rio so it had to be the next weekend, we decided to leave my Mum & sister then too. 

So how did we do it? even though I’m 26 with a successful buisness in a loving relationship with the man of my dreams telling our parents was the scariest thing ive ever done.  

We got little gift bags and put dummy’s in and just let them work it out because if I’d have had to have said the words “I’m pregnant” they still wouldn’t know now!!! 

We filmed it but here’s a couple of screen grabs! As you can see they were clearly over the moon… although my Dad was so shocked he announced “well I haven’t got any champagne, Heather would you like a glass of wine?” Before realising I could have one! 

Dans Mama is a midwife so she was amazed we had kept it quiet for so long. She told her husband Chris over text who was also suitably amazed!!! 

The nice thing about waiting till the first trimester was over was that a.) we were out of the “Danger zone!” & b.) we had some lovely scan photos to show them, which I’m sure made it all the more exciting and real! 

So what was next… social media plays such a huge part in life these days it’s the natural thing to share your news with on Facebook, so at 28 weeks on Christmas Day we did… like this… 

It is a massively personal thing, but for me telling our parents was truly terrifying and magical, my advice would be, do it in your own way and definitely try and catch their reactions… but mostly enjoy the time it’s just you and your other half and that little apple pip in your tum because trust me once the cats out the bag there’s No question left unasked!!! 

How & when did you tell friends, family & Facebook ha! 

H x 


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