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The Big Breast Feeding Debate…

So here I am sat in Starbucks Trafford Centre feeling sufficiently whale like with my swollen feet promptly propped up. After another visit to the midwife this morning I was asked yet again “so are you going to breast feed?” To which I replied “If I had a £1 for every person who had asked me that I’d be able to buy a lot of formula!!!” 

So the big breast feeding debate, and in all honesty I’m torn. Personally for myself I don’t think I fancy it, not only have I read it’s painful, I’ve spent a lot of my pregnancy feeling fairly harassed at being “messed with” all the time. It’s been a fairly straight forward affair but I’m not sure I fancy having my boobs out every 4 hours or so, with visitors etc. Also being self employed comes with the downfall of not having “real” maternity leave, my maternity leave basically amounts to what we can save before I pop, at the most an optimistic 10 weeks… 

However this said I have read up countless articles about all the benefits for baby if I was to give it ago, especially from a immune system point of view. My sister breast fed my nephew Lex for around 5 months & I swear the kid is NEVER poorly! Also bonding between me and baby and an added bonus of getting some of this baby chub off may eventually sway me? 

Anyway I digress… so here I am indulging in a strawberry & cream frappe & a couple with a new baby (& a gorgeous cream Bugaboo) in there 30s have just sat across the way. The Moma has promptly just started to breastfeed her baby (very discreetly) with a shawl draped over baby. Bish. Bash. Bosh. No messing, baby out of the pram, onto the boob. Job done. 

Shortly after a lady (again mid 30s) has taken the opposite free chair with her baby about the same age… whipped out a bottle shook up some formula & again, bish, bash, bosh… baby fed. Job done. 

They started chatting baby stuff & it was lovely, the breast feeding couple was no better than the other lady, no one was judged. Babies were happy & fed, & as odd as it might sound it was nice for me to see that no one actually cares how your baby is fed, except your baby, and they only care that they are fed!!! 

I’ll keep you posted on my feeding journey which ever path it may take but for now, I’ll be packing my bottles and formula and my boobs (huge as they are!) firmly attached to my body so there ready to go… and when the time comes I’ll make the decision that’s right for both of us! 

Have you had trouble deciding, or was it clear cut and easy? 

H x ❤

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