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A Little Love Story…

Im a sucker for a bit of a love story, who isn’t? Since I’m planning on sharing my journey into motherhood with you, I thought it might be quite nice to share how we got here. ❤️

Now let me start by saying it’s been a whirlwind… 

Rewind to summer 2015, I hadn’t long been self employed, single foot loose and fancy free & much looking forward to my favourite weekend of the year. Creamfields, now I’m quite aware this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine. I went with my sister her partner & met some other friends in there. Now I’m sure my sister won’t mind me saying, she’s a bit of a tit when she’s pissed… and likes to shout down my ear… ALOT! So after a while I found myself without her (*convinent!*) & with only one other friend!

Now my version of events differ a little to Dans… but this is the way I remember it… and it’s fair to say a fair bit of Bacardi was soaked only system at this point! 

Watching Nicky Romero in a red and white striped tent with maybe 8,000 other raving looneys, I stand next to a tall guy who’s having a good time, being the friendly buggar I am I struck up to half dance, half chat, half crazy rave grin & soon found out this was “Dan & Ellie” we left the tent as a foursome and spent the rest of the day getting throughly hammered and having a great time. 

Now I’ve met a lot of people at a lot of different nights out & parties I’ve never, not even once met up with any one again. After an unremarkable good bye and one hell of a hangover, Dan added my on good ole Facebook *cringe* after a few days chatting we decided to meet for a coffee… & chewed each other’s ears off for a good 3 hours… 

The day I went to meet him for this coffee, I had this tattoo. The whole meaning is to take the good with bad, keep perspective and everything will work out just fine… I love fate…

At some point in this coffee, I told Dan I was saving and planning to go to Thailand in January, he asked who with and I replied… 

“No one, come if you want” to which he replied “Yeah I might do actually! Let me see at work!” And just like that a beautiful friendship was born! 

Now it’s important to say that at this point it was COMPLETELY platonic… I infact thought Dan would be more likely to want a boyfriend than a girlfriend if you catch my drift 😝

There were a few cinema trips, take out pizza & my birthday in between but by the Dans birthday night out in November we were an item, even though when we went to my best friends Halloween bash he drank two bottles of Amerreto and did what can only be described as a Magic Mike grinding dance for her mum… & then insisted we go into town, where he ended up doing CPR on a stranger (but that’s another story for another life time!) 

Halloween 2015 

A birthday weekend in the lakes. 

Dans birthday night out to WHP Manchester! 

And just like that we buggared off to Thailand 🇹🇭 January last year, (I’ll cover that in another post!) then once home we moved in together, fell even more in love & made this precious little bundle of love inside me… 

Well that’s the brief version… ❤

How did you meet your other half? 

H x 

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