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Truly Happy Baby… Book Review


My lovely friend and Moma of 3 Emma Recently lent me this book, Truly Happy Baby written by the fabulous Holly Willobooby from This Morning. She said as a first time Mum that it gave solid advice I could actually use, also I really like Holly I feel like she’s a ‘real’ person even though she’s massively in the public eye nearly every day of the week. In the book is about EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know regarding a new tiny human you are solely responsible for, from making up bottles to breast feeding, from bath time to bedtimes she covers it all in a way that my already baby fried brain was able to digest.

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Even though we are now nearly 30 weeks in (Eek!) I must still say to Dan at least once a day, ‘Oh My God, I’m actually having a baby!’ its so surreal, I thought as the baby got bigger and was moving it would really bring it home, its really not. I even keep walking past ‘the nursery’ and peeping in at *the mountains* of baby paraphernalia we have amassed and thinking; this is really happening. I’m sure as soon as I see his or her little face for the first time it will hit home, because lets face it… its not going to get much more real than that!!

Anyway back to the book, even though Emma read this when she was pregnant for the third time she still really enjoyed it making it a fab read for Mums at any stage of there motherhood journey. Its also split into really easy sections so yes I’ve read it cover to cover now but it will be easy to find the bit I need when I’m sleep deprived and wondering what to do next!

I’d certainly recommend it as a gift for a someone who’s just announced or if your heading to a baby shower soon.

Any other books you’d recommend to a first time Mum? Let me know!

H x


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