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THE bag… 

So upon finding out your expecting a little bundle of joy there are several things you will start to obsessively Google… prams being one of them, then thinking of your modern day Instagram Moma fabulous (HA – so far iv been lucky to even leave the house wearing mascara and the baby isn’t even here yet!) thoughts quickly turn to the “Baby Bag” or nappy bag… now there’s plenty out there to take your pick from but for me I knew from the off I didn’t want a baby bag that looked anything like a baby bag!! 

My gorgeous sister (who is actually Instagram fabulous Moma & fitness fanatic) had my nephew coming up 9 years ago & I remember well “the baby bag” conversation, she chose to go with one actually labelled “Yummy Mummy” with a cupcake on the front… sisters & besties we may be but similar we are not 😂

It’s probably best to say here I am not the girlies of girls… despite having a girly job! 

Practicality obviously comes a close second too looks so this has been taken into consideration too there’s loads of fab blogs/reviews for this kind of thing all over the web so be sure to do your research! Storksak do some really beautiful ones, and loads of different styles too from leather & fabric, over the shoulder to backpacks. They start from about £70. Mothercare have a great range from loads of different designs starting from £17. 

I’m still waiting for my leather lovely to come back into stock at John Lewis as I’m a bit of a weirdo and I want to actually get it there and then rather than order online! As soon as it’s in my clutches I’ll do a proper review and show you how a plan to organise my FABulous new bag!!! 

What baby/changing bag have you loved or loathed? 

H x ❤️

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